Your first step to a simple and rewarding disposal process starts here

At ABC Auctions we assure you, the seller, unparalleled customer service. We have a wealth of experienced staff, an unprecedented database of buyers and an excellent marketing and auctioneering team.

All of the above make ABC Auctions the place to send your property should you wish to dispose of it. We have multiple disposal options for you to choose from which include; commission sales, outright purchases and advanced payments pending commission sales.

Any one of our members of staff will gladly walk you through the process or alternatively you can simply follow the step-by-step guide detailed below.

  1. What do you want to sell? Please give us as much information as you can. The more informed we are, the better we can advise you of the most effective and efficient way to sell your goods.
  2. When describing your goods, try to be objective about their condition. Lying or witholding information from us about somethings condition will not increase its value.
  3. We have sold everything from million dollar bulldozers to second hand clothing and although we have a wealth of knowledge, no-one generally knows more about your goods than yourself.
  1. Once you have understood our processes and are happy to proceed we will be happy to take delivery of your goods.  
  2. You can either make delivery personally or alternatively, book a collection with ourselves by filling out the form* or calling our offices to make the necessary arrangments.
  3. Upon receipt of the goods, they will be entered into our computerised auction system. We ask that you check this document thoroughly as well as sign the GRV as evidence of your acceptance of our terms and conditions.
  1. If you decided to accept an outright purchase, we at ABC Auctions will provide you with the agreed amount in cash immediately. This payout will be accompanied by a remittance advice detailing all that was purchased.
  2. If you decided to place your goods on auction your remittance advice and funds will only be available upon sale of the goods. Please check with us from time to time regarding the status of your goods.
  3. Payout of goods sold through auction will be at the hammer price less our commission.