What are you wanting to buy?

We understand that auctions can be quite daunting for first time attendees however we have taken every measure possible to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Any one of our members of staff will gladly walk you through the process or alternatively you can simply follow the step by step guide detailed below.

  1. Our doors are open to the public to come in and see what we have for sale on a daily basis and to familiarise yourself with our processes prior to buying.
  2. There are certain items that we sell Out Of Hand* is an Auction phrase which directly means you can buy it now before it goes on auction. This can be anything from Vehicles to IT Equipment. If you see something that interests you, please ask a member of staff if it can be sold Out Of Hand* is an Auction phrase which directly means you can buy it now before it goes on auction. If it can, you will be given an indicative price. Please note, this price will have to be confirmed by management prior to a sale being made.
  3. If the item you are after is earmarked to be sold on an Auction you will be advised when viewing for the auction is open. This viewing is your opportunity to get a good look at what you want to buy.

Remember, everything at auction is sold Voetstoots* a sale or purchase without guarantee or warranty; at the buyer's risk. which is why we allow you to bring experts in to give you piece of mind in what you intend to buy.

Once you have decided upon the items you wish to bid on you need to register to bid. Registration requires the payment of a surety deposit that is refundable if all sale conditions are met. The deposit amount varies depending on the type of auction you are participating in.

  1. As a first time buyer with us, simply fill in a registration form, with your personal detail, and company details should you be buying for a company. For your convenience this can be done online by clicking Here*. After paying your deposit you will be issued with a buyer's card, which then allows you to participate in the auction. Be sure to take note of the Terms and Conditions of Sale* a set of rules that buyers must adhere to if they would like to purchase off an auction. These rules are in place to protect sellers, the auctioneers and buyers throughout the process. Read them and understand what you are agreeing to before you bid..  
  2. Once the auction starts, the auctioneer will call out bids. If the item and price are favourable, raise your card and continue to do so until you are either unhappy with the price or you are the only bidder left. Should you be the only bidder left, the auctioneer will then indicate that you have won and the item is now yours subject to final payment.  
  3. Should you not be able to attend the auction in person, you have the option to fill in a Proxy Bid* giving your authority and instruction to us to bid on your behalf at the lowest possible increments. form or, on certain auctions request to participate via Telephone Bid* allows those who cannot come to the auction in person to still be able to bid. With telephone bidding, a member of the auction team will call you during the auction as you bid live over the phone.. Both options will require you to register as you would if you were attending the auction in person but allows you the freedom to be elsewhere at the time of the auction.

Although these options may sound easier, we strongly recommend that you try attend the auction in person to avoid any disappointment should you loose the bid for circumstances beyond our control.

If your are successful you will be provided with a proforma invoice showing your bid price plus Purchases Levy* refers to an amount that will be charged over and above the bid price. This is normally calculated as a percentage of the bid price. and VAT* Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax on consumption, charged on the supply of taxable goods and services. In instances where ABC Auctions sells vatable goods VAT is charged on both the item and the Purchasers Levy. For non vatable goods e.g Vehicles, VAT is only charged on the Purchasers Levy.. The details provided upon registration will be shown on the invoice so please take care to provide the correct information before hand.

Payment can be made by cash, swipe, EcoCash or RTGS immediately after you have finished bidding but must be done within the specified time frame as set out in the auction’s terms and conditions of sale. 

Having made full payment, your goods will be available for collection from our dispatch department immediately but again should be collected within the specified time frame to avoid inconveniences.