Who We Are

ABC Auctions (Sagittarian (Private) Limited) is Zimbabwe's largest and most experienced auctioneering company and deals with sale of every type of movable asset. Over the past 50 years our floors have dealt with millions of lots that have ranged from luxury goods such as jewellery, vehicles and boats all the way through to what some people may classify as "junk" such as old clothing and scrap metal.

Sagittarian (Private) Limited was established in 1978 and started trading as ABC Auctions in Zimbabwe’s Capital City Harare and steadily grew from there. The company has progressed and is now recognised as the leading Auction House in Zimbabwe, with two main branches; Harare and Bulawayo. ABC Auctions went from hosting one Auction a week in early days to now having at least ten Auctions a month, with the recent addition of Timed Online Auctions due to significant demand and client confidence.

Our vision is to expand across Zimbabwe enviably maintaining our Household name as The Leading Auctioneers. Introducing modern trends to dated platforms, we aim to create more job opportunity, a seamless service and encourage a compliment of well groomed staff members that will uphold the status of our well respected name.

We have built a strong foundation for clients disposing their goods and customers purchasing items. Whether buying or selling it would be well worth your while to check out what we can offer you.


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ABC Auctions offers the optimal solution through which moveable goods change hands and value is added.

To achieve the above ABC Auctions makes use of 3 divisions: Vehicle Sales, Sales Floors and Outside Sales. These three divisions all operate individually of each other but all offer the same personalized service and quality results.

When dealing with ABC Auctions you can rest assured that extensive advertising will be carried out to ensure that maximum participation at each auction and as a result a market related price providing value addition on both sides. Our comprehensive advertising campaigns run by our experienced advertising team makes use of newspaper advertisements, fliers, web sites as well as email’s and SMS’s.

We have built up a massive database of clients allowing for strategic targeting of individuals. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of advertising and believe that with this approach maximum exposure can be guaranteed. Although such vigorous marketing campaigns can be costly, it is of interest to note that this cost is borne entirely by ABC Auctions.

ABC Auctions takes cognizance of both the monetary value as well as sentimental value that you may associate with the goods that are entrusted to us. For this reason security is one of most important concerns and as such we employ our own internal security guards as well as outsource from a reputable security company to provide twenty-four hour security and you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Our vehicle auctions are, without doubt, the most popular in the country. They boast an average attendance of 70 buyers and over 50 vehicles per auction.  This combination definitely makes for excellent sales, with vehicles realising prices that are market related. 

We have witnessed that individuals and companies have taken advantage of these excellent sales figures and have realised that in this era of severe economic hardship, it does not make business sense, to set a fixed selling price on a vehicle, before affording them the opportunity of placing their vehicle on an auction. Placing your items on auction provide an opportunity to achieve higher prices.

ABC Auctions' premises boasts a very spacious auction floor and warehouse facility, where we auction and sell out-of-hand almost every form of movable asset that can be sold. The wide range of items that ABC Auctions deals with can be grouped into the following:-

  • Household Furniture & Smalls
  • Embassy Quality Furniture
  • Audio Visual & Domestic Appliances
  • Office Furniture & Equipment
  • IT Equipment
  • Vehicle Spares
  • Machinery & Tools
  • Catering Equipment
  • Building Equipment
  • Farming Equipment
  • Redundant & Damaged stock

An  outside sale can be conducted at your premises when the nature of the goods for sale prevents us from moving them to our yard or where the cost of moving them outweighs their value. Our outside sales are by far the most professional setup in Zimbabwe and are always very well attended by our buyers. This section of ABC Auctions backs on to both our vehicle sales and floors sales to deliver the same uncompromising service although all the work is done outside of our offices. 

This is made possible due to our mobile office which was built  for the sole purpose of outside sales. It has been fitted with the same computer system as our floors & vehicle sales & opens on one side as an enquiries/reception office. This office can be run on generator so that even in the most remote of places we still deliver. In addition to our mobile office we also have a caravan which ads an extra office in the event that we need more space for a larger sale.