Auction Process

How to participate in an auction

  1. Attend the auction viewing.
  2. If you would like to participate and buy goods you will have to register as a bidder by paying the refundable deposit in cash, swipe or transfer.
  3. Once you have a buyers card you are able to bid on anything you want in the auction
  4. Payment needs to be effected by end of the next business day.
  5. Thereafter you have 2 days to collect your goods
  6. Regarding the deposit: it will go toward your final invoice
  7. If you have not purchased any goods depending on the method of payment used; cash will be refunded immediately, swipe or transfer will be transferred back to you as soon as it reflects in our account

Refunding Process

  1. If you have not purchased anything on auction ;
    • Cash Deposits will be refunded immediately 
    • Bank Deposits will be refunded within 3 to 5 working days
    • Ecocash Deposits will be transfered to the bank account provided
  2. If you have purchased items on auction your deposit will be deducted from or included in your final purchase. If you have paid a cash deposit and wish to settle your bill in transfer, swipe or ecocash you will receive your refund on proof of payment. 

Collection Process

  1. All your goods must be collected within 48hours.
  2. If you have not collected your items within the time frame allocated a storage fee will incur per item per day. *Charges available in store. 

Registration Process

  1. Visit our Cashiers before or on the day of the auction.
  2. Complete a individual or company registration slip.
  3. Pay the required auction deposit by cash, swipe, transfer or ecocash.
  4. Receive your unique Buyers card.

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