Vehicle Sales

ABC Auctions, being renowned for hosting the most popular vehicle auctions in the country, not only delivers superior service but also ensures that you, whether a buyer or a seller, get the most value for money.
“With an auction house you are assured of a true market value”
Here at ABC auctions, it is our customers that count and for this reason we have split our vehicle sales into 2 different categories, the first being quality drive through vehicle auctions and the second being heavy / versatile vehicle and equipment auction sales.
Our quality drive through auction provides buyers with an opportunity to sit back, relax and bid whilst watching vehicles drive past on display. The diversity of vehicles on offer is always apparent and often includes quality sedans, min buses, 4 * 4’s and pickups, luggage trailers and motorcycles. On average we have 2 drive through auctions a month with each sale taking place between 10:30 to 12 noon.
Our heavy / versatile vehicle and equipment sale is a specialized sale held once a month. This sale caters for the disposal of horses, rigids, trailers, tractors, accident damaged and non-running vehicles as well as farm implements. This sale is a favorite for most insurance companies and provides a financially viable alternative for vehicles heading for the scrap yard.
Whether your vehicle is partaking in the quality drive through auction or the heavy / versatile vehicle and equipment sale an entry fee will be charged which serves to cover our valet service, battery charging and general sale preparation. Our valet service is there to ensure that your vehicle is looking its best both inside and out and really does make a difference to the appearance of your vehicle.
Because a complete service is so important to us at ABC Auctions, we also pride ourselves in our ancillary services which include professional valuations, assistance with change of ownership, pre-sale clearances and checks, towing services as well as advances in certain circumstances.
When valuing vehicles, a professional written valuation is provided for each vehicle. We will arrange to have these valuations hand delivered or can be completed while you wait. Generally we require you to bring your vehicle to our premises along with the registration book and a letter of authorization for us to view and value the vehicle. In the case of numerous or immobile vehicles, we will come to you. We do charge for each valuation however should you dispose of the valued asset through ABC Auctions within 30 days from valuation, we will refund the valuation fee.
Should you sell your vehicle on an auction, we at ABC Auctions understand the value of you and your employees’ time. It is for this reason that a simple letter authorizing ABC Auctions to sell and change ownership on your behalf will suffice for the arduous task of changing ownership. Additionally a draft copy of such a letter may be requested from our offices.
As a reputable company that prides itself on delivering a faultless service to both our clients and customers alike, it our policy that all vehicles entered for sale with us are:

  • Cleared with Vehicle Theft Squad (Southerton Police Station).
  • Cleared with Transunion (to ensure there are no Hire Purchase agreements outstanding).
  • Cleared with Central Vehicle Registry (to ensure no restrictions, i.e. duties payable & RT16's).
  • Checked to ensure that the engine number and chassis number correlate to the registration book.

In addition to the above, we at ABC Auctions have, over the years, built up favourable relationships with various towing companies. Should you require towing services, we are more than happy to assist with this and in doing so we are able to pass on the advantageous rates and discounts we have managed to secure. The fee for towing is also only deducted at cost once your vehicle has been sold.
We at ABC Auctions take pride in our service and for this reason, if your vehicle is sold on Friday’s auctions, we will make payment to you in Cash the Monday immediately following the sale. Should you wish for the cash to be collected by a representative other than yourself, we ask that you designate an individual in writing. With your payment you will receive a Remittance Advice indicating the selling price, less our deductions, which include our commission, any towing charges and the likes.
Our service to you is important, any comments or suggestions are more than welcome